I am Glenn A. Dearie, President and COO of GadsEnterprises. Being an entrepreneur, I have owned my own traditional bar and grill for 20 years. That came to an end in 2008 when the economic crash, some health and family issues caused the loss of my family, home, and business. The next few years I spent travelling around the country working various ranches and resorts. Yes, quite a break from what I was use to!

Then a little over 5¬†years ago, I found something I really liked doing! Marketing small and medium size businesses via the Internet, Mobile and Social Media’s. Now it is my goal to get businesses to drop the “Yellow Book”, the expensive doorstop, and obtain a real return on their advertising investments.

So don’t be afraid to call on me for some information and guidance in this new marketing venue. Go to my Contact Us Page or click below for my Contact Floater and fill in your information, then I will get back to you and we can set some time for a discussion about your business. Chances are, I’ll do a Digital Analysis for your business, compliments of GadsEnterprises!

Looking forward to hearing from you!!!

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